Dell has set up a Linux forum dedicated to its new Dell Linux Ubuntu boxes which have just been offered starting yesterday. Already there are some who are showing some signs of negativity. As I have previously mentioned, if the Linux folks don’t get behind this movement and support Dell, this entire project will fall flat on its face. Some of the selected comments I picked were:

Dang it – Just got done talking to a Live Chat Rep who says that none of the new Ubuntu PCs will have dial-up modems inside.
Does anyone know if the two desktops and one laptop have serial ports? Looks like the most obvious option would be a serial external modem…

I can see this as being a problem. Not everyone in the world has broadband. Linux has had a lot of trouble getting internal modems to work correctly. As this user states, an external may be the best option.

I’m sorry to see that Dell has chosen hardware which uses ATI graphics. I would have bought an Ubuntu laptop, but with ATI Radeon cards with model numbers >= X1xxx there’s not even accelerated 2D support! I can’t buy hardware that doesn’t even provide 2D support. I’m sorry, but the proprietary ATI drivers aren’t an option for me (and I bet a lot of users will have problems with those).

This is strange. Either this person can’t read or is making excuses. The Ubuntu Laptop uses a Intel video display and there is an option for a separate NVidia upgrade.

Hi, I just saw the great news about Linux being available on Dell computers in the US. I was just wondering if anyone has heard of when they might be available in Australia as I am looking to buy a new laptop and have been holding off, waiting to see what was the outcome of Dell’s Linux offer.


Thanks for your interest. At this time there is no information about Dell selling Ubuntu in any other countries outside the US. I will post any information I get if Dell does decide to ship outside the US.

I would venture a guess that Dell is going to test the waters here in the US first to see how much demand there is before going global. What I did find interesting is that there will be a restore parition available and some Dell support and Ubuntu numbers to call as problems arise.

These systems include a diagnostic utility partition and a reinstallation partition that can be reached from the Grub boot menu.
To restore the OS type the string (i.e. RESTORE TO FACTORY DEFAULT). The re-install process re-images the disk (and deletes any existing user data!), and prompts you to select system language, keyboard language, time zone and administration user.

No OS swaps or OS exchanges are allowed. If you want a different OS you must return the system and reorder another system with the Windows OS on it to ensure proper configuration and hardware setup and COA stickers.

Hardware Support will be done by Dell. You can contact the Dell Linux Support by calling 1-866-622-1947.

Software Support is being handled by Canonical, a third party vendor.

Canonical 1-866-9UBUNTU for support or 1-877-CANONICAL for sales related information. Toll Free: 1- 866 -982-8688 (Ubuntu)

If anyone is planning on taking the plunge and buying one of the new Dell computers with Ubuntu, you may wish to jot the above information down.

The Dell Linux forum can be found here.

Comments welcome.

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