There should be an image here!I’m probably the farthest thing from an artist that you’ll ever see. Of course, my better half (my wife) can design something fantastic without even breaking a sweat, and I just don’t understand how she does it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the design and composition skills that I wish I had, and as hard as I try, my drawings and photographs turn out looking below average. Because of this, I never even considered creating something that was worthy of being called art, however, with Snap Art, even my creations can become artwork.

This plug-in software is available for certain Adobe and Corel applications under Windows and OS X. As many of you know, a lot of the filters that are included with image editing suites aren’t exactly the best, but Snap Art supplements these programs with a collection of attractive and artistic filters. These filters are fully customizable, so you’re sure to get the results that you want. To get an idea of what’s possible, be sure to check out the examples page. I may be helpless on my own, but with Snap Art by my side, I’m the next Picasso.

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