If you thought the pet food recall fiasco could not become worse, you would be wrong. Elizabeth Weise, reporting for USA Today, says that one pet food company is harassing pet owners who are seeking legal recourse:

“The pet food company that recalled 60 million cans of contaminated dog and cat food repeatedly made harassing phone calls to pet owners who had lawyers and said they didn?t (sic) want to talk, even after a judge ordered the firm to leave them alone, court records show.”

link: Court: Menu Foods harassed pet owners

So this is how Menu Foods honors its responsibility. The pet owners may have had an untimely death or may be treating a sick animal. In either case, it is distressing. In response, the pet food company is harassing and bullying those who had the misfortune to use their product.

It is just disgusting – really disgusting.

Catherine Forsythe

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