What triggered my entire thought process on a conspiracy theory is when I read that Dell is going to sell their Dimension series of computers through Wal-Mart and Sams Club. Hold on here! Let us look at everything that has happened since Microsoft struck a sweetheart deal with Novell that still has the Linux community spinning and trying to come up with a new GPL to stop such deals.

After the Microsoft-Novell pact, they entered into a joint venture to assist each other in a deal involving Wal-Mart. The story at the time went that Wal-Mart was giving its blessing to Microsoft and Novell to facilitate the introduction of SuSE Enterprise Edition in conjunction with Microsoft products into the Wal-Mart system, which just happened to use Red Hat at the time.

Dell supposedly gets pounded by a hoard of folks demanding they come up with a Linux box. Dell goes back and forth and finally gives in, announcing they will use Ubuntu. Than Dell does a strange thing and joins in the Microsoft-Novell alliance.

Microsoft then pulls out the war drums against Linux saying you are violating a whole bunch of our patents so watch it. The world quakes for a few days when all of a sudden Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu fame comes out and says, relax, all is well and than praises Microsoft for its innovations and says Unbuntu shares a lot of common goals with the mega operating system giant.

After Dell comes out with their Ubuntu systems they also announce they will be selling their Dimension computers through Wal-Mart and Sams Club. We now have mega billion dollar companies all working together. The only one who is missing from the scene is Intel. Oh, there they are. All 3 Dell Linux boxes are using Intel chips, however the boxes being sold via Wal-Mart have AMD chips. Maybe Intel and AMD weren’t invited to the conspiracy. 🙂
Conspiracy? I don’t think so. I believe it is just some smart folks from some large companies joining forces for what they perceive as joint ventures to benefit their business plans.

But what do you think? Are the mega billionaires who own these companies getting ready for world domination?

Comments welcome.

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