Staples has begun a recycling program in which consumers can bring in old monitors or computers for a flat $10 each to cover the cost of recycling the units. Keyboards, mice and speakers are accepted at no cost. The recycled items can be dropped off at any Staples store in the United States during normal business hours.

For the past four years, Staples as also offered a free recycling program covering such items as cell phones, pagers and digital cameras for free, regardless of the brand or whether the device was bought at Staples or not.  Staples thus has expanded the recycling program to cover computer systems as well, again  for any make or brand, whether bought from Staples are not.

With over 1400 stores nationwide, most consumers will have a Staples store hopefully within driving distance to take advantage of this programs. This will make Staples one of the first major retailers to offer a recycling program on a daily bases.

It is good to see that consumers will now have a choice and hopefully this program will help prevent old computers from ending up in the landfills.

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