There have been some commentaries written about the Dell and Wal-Mart deal to sell Dell systems through the retail giants mega stores with some warnings that Dell must be careful. Careful that they do not tarnish their image as not only a low end supplier but also as a supplier of high end systems as well. That if the public loses site that Dell does make high end machines, it could hurt them in the long run. No duh!

What I love about these analysis is that they seem to look at us consumers as being dumb. I on the other hand believe that we consumers are price sensitive, but also know that you get what you pay for. That most consumers are aware that if you just want to send email, surf the net and play solitaire an el cheapo will do just fine. For this type of a system a Wal-Mart special, no matter who the manufacture is, may suite some consumers needs.

But it isn’t just computers that consumers need to focus on, it is any appliance they purchase. IMO it is fairly simple to make a fairly objective and sound purchasing decision by using what I call the ‘middle rule’. Lets take a new washing machine. They always seem to have three models, the el cheapo one speeder, middle with 3 speeds and the big boy with 22 speeds. 🙂 The middle one will work for the majority of us just fine. Same with computers. Most manufactures have middle tier systems that in most cases will work just fine for most users.

With this in mine, I think Dell will do just very well by selling systems through Wal-Mart and won’t suffer any negative backlash if they sell a good medium tier system. Consumers will still retain the option of ordering other systems online as well.

What do you think? Will this be the shot in the arm Dell needs and or they spinning their wheels?

Comments welcome.

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