According to Thomas Sowell of the Hoover Institute, the current immigration bill in the senate is a perfect example of a political solution that is bound to create bigger problems down the road. This is obvious when one realizes that amnesty was granted in 1986 because the powers that were, at that time, thought it was unrealistic to think that they could round up and deport 3 million illegal immigrants. However, all that did was create a bigger problem today for the powers that be since they can’t figure out how to deal with the over 12 million illegal immigrants currently living in the US. The main difference between the 1986 Amnesty bill and the currently proposed legislation is that both are granting amnesty but the new legislation ttempts to hide that fact.

If the new legislation is realistic, as claimed by its proponents, why is it being rushed through the senate at the rate of a speeding locomotive? Is it in the hopes of duping the American citizenry into turning a blind eye to the fact that within a few years the next set of powers that be will be faced with the unrealistic and impossible task of rounding up and deporting upwards of 40 million illegal immigrants? Since we are talking about a permanent change to the American way of life, its culture, its population, and politics, is it not reasonable to take as much time as necessary to consider the consequences of such a move?

The current bill’s advocates appear frightened that the voting public might actually discover that this bill is a fraud, especially their denying that it is in fact meant to give amnesty to those who crossed our borders illegally. Advocates also argue that illegal immigrants will have to meet certain requirements to become citizens but amnesty is not about meeting citizenship requirements it is about having crimes against the country expunged. It is in fact a measure that the politicos are using to accommodate those who committed a crime in entering our country without going through the proper channels. While this might not be terrifying when one thinks of our neighbors to the south it can take on a totally different aspect when one realizes that just a few short years ago it was people who were here illegally that perpetrated the worst terror attack in our country’s history. Have we forgotten so soon what that attack cost us in terms of American lives both then and now considering we are still fighting the battle in Iraq?

Given that amnesty is a forgiveness for one’s crimes against the system how can one condone one type of crime and not another? Consider the millions of unsolved crimes on the books throughout this great land that no one can truly hope to solve. Should those domestic fugitives be granted amnesty simply because it is impractical to think that all of those crimes will ever be adjudicated? As far I know, no one has ever suggested that domestic criminals, even those charged with tax evasion, should be allowed to pay some fine, and then apply to have their crimes overlooked so that they can be restored to good standing in our society; so why should we overlook the crime of illegal immigration?

So, as we don’t have to catch every criminal to deter crime we don’t have to roust out and deport every illegal immigrant. What we need to do is follow through in cases where we happenchance on illegal immigrants through their violation of other laws. Once it is seen that we will deport person’s who are found to be here illegally it will help to stem the flow of illegal immigrants who believe that if they are here long enough the US will grant them amnesty and citizenship no matter what methods they used to enter the country. In essence a procedure of deporting all immigrants, discovered to be here without the proper paperwork, and denying them access to benefits that should be slated only for citizens who pay their taxes, could help many illegal immigrants decide to return to their countries of origin. As far as how to roust them out, one only has to be meticulous in checking citizenship records before allowing them access to free medical care, welfare benefits, schooling, and/or job opportunities. Without the many freebies and with the threat of being charged with a serious crime against the US government many illegal immigrants would think twice before risking their lives to cross our borders thus creating an effective way of controlling our surging population.

Lastly, one must realize that the Administration that has only completed 2 miles of the proposed 700 miles of border fencing approved by Congress last year is not serious about imposing any of the restrictions set forth in the new immigration bill. In my thinking, this latest bill is a fraud intended to supply the politicos with a larger voting public and to garner support their own agendas. It in no way is intended to protect the American citizenry from the possibility of terrorism or to slow the ever increasing illegal population.

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