Several weeks ago Chinese users of Symantec’s Norton software downloaded a update that they allege caused havoc on their systems. Since than, Symantec has confirmed this and had issued an apology to those who were inconvenienced by the update. Well this doesn’t seem to be cutting it for some users who have decided to sue the software giant for compensation.

We are all familiar with the EULA that we all must agree to before software installs onto our systems. We are also aware that basically the EULA says if the software turns your system to toast, tough for you. IMO this has always been a sore spot for us PC users. Why would we have to be at the whim of software manufacturers who can get away with this sort of thing and we just have to take it?

We have also seen that some countries, mainly those in Europe, have united against some of the mega giant business establishments from the US and have told them you are not playing nice with others. It is easy for countries outside of the US to take on corporate America since these countries have little concern whether that tick off American companies or not. They also feel that their court systems will uphold their findings and corporate America is aware of this reality as well.

As American companies enter into the Chinese market place, they are going to encounter a new set of rules from a country whose government has total control over the populace. Where their laws may not be so liberal as those here in the US. So it should be interesting to see how Symantec is going to handle this situation and if they will bend and provide the Chinese people who were affected with some type of compensation. If they do, why shouldn’t users here in the US be compensated as well when our systems are corrupted by a errant updates or patches?

So what do you think? Should software companies be held responsible when their products go amiss and cause havoc on our systems? Or is it to bad for the consumer?

Comments welcome.

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