No matter what type of projects you get involved in, planning and managing them isn’t always easy and can sometimes bring your stress level to the breaking point. Computers and technology have done a lot to help with project management, and a variety of interesting solutions can be used to keep track of the madness. Desktop applications work for some, but in my mind, if your project deals with the Internet in any way, then the best way to stay on top of it is to use a Web service. WhoDoes is a free solution for everyone to check out.

The system is useful for projects of all sizes, and whether you’re simply managing yourself or a team of people, WhoDoes can be an effective project management tool. Tasks can be assigned, projects can be discussed, and documents can be shared in the file repository. Each time that you sign-in to your account, you’ll see what needs to be done immediately and in the future. It may take a small amount of work on your part to get used to using something like this, but once you train yourself to be managed and stay organized in this way, then you’re sure to become more productive.

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