Today I was struck by thought: are we so set in our ways as geeks, that we have sacrificed simplicity for seeming computing power? Lately, it sure has felt this way. With the geeking sounding hardware branding to the rather off the wall methods for coming up with software titles, it just seems like computing has left the common user in the dust.

Now, it should be said that it’s not like non-geeks are overtly cheap per se. It’s simply a matter of fully understanding exactly where their hard earned dollars are going. I suppose to some degree, this explains the simplicity of going with the Mac. You know that once you get the unit home, everything you need is right there. Well, minus the absence of an included office suite, anyway. But to be fair, you can either buy MS Office or download NeoOffice should the need arise.

So this brings us to today’s question. Do you feel that the PC crew is losing its members because of preventable over-complicated nonsense? Or instead, is this a matter of common misconception? It’s your call. It’s your call, hit the comments and tell me about it.