You can instruct Excel to sort the data in a worksheet. If the sorting orders within Excel do not meet your requirements, you can create your own sorting order. For example, if you type in Red, Green, Blue, and Black, Excel would normally sort them in alphabetical order. However, if you do not want them sorted this way, you can create your own custom sort order by completing the steps listed below:

  1. Within Excel, click Microsoft Office Button and click the Excel Options.
  2. Click the Popular category and then click Edit Custom Lists.
  3. Under Custom Lists, click New List.
  4. In the List Entries field, start typing in your list elements in the order they should be sorted. Make sure you press Enter after each element.
  5. Once you have typed in all the elements, press Add.
  6. Click OK.

You can now use the special sort order to sort your data.

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