I know, I know…I was going to give regular updates on how this webcam worked and I sort of dropped the ball. My only excuse is that I am getting ready to fly out to California to visit with my daughter, mother, sister and 2 grandchildren so that has been my focus for quite some time.

I have been testing the quickcam and I can say that it has performed flawlessly so far. The picture is great according to folks that have chatted with me and so is the sound. There are filters to correct the picture and the sound so both are very clear and realistic. I can move around in front of my computer and it keeps me within the viewing area with ease.

I am still trying to get Skype to work with my satellite Internet connection but I have a hunch that it just isn’t going to happen. The latency is just to much of a hurdle.

I did get word from my electric co-op that they are going to be coming into my area of the North Carolina Mountains and installing fiber optic to the house in order to provide broadband to their customers. They purchased the rights for this from Verizon so this is very exciting. They wrote that they plan to take orders in my area beginning in July…YIPPEE!!

I am very glad to have access via satellite but fiber optic access will be faster, cheaper and the latency will be a non issue. I have already fulfilled my contract with the satellite provider so as soon as my co-op is up and running I will be able to switch. I hope that more and more rural dwellers will get this opportunity. Even as these connections are rolled out I am sure there will always be plenty of folks that will need the satellite service to make that a worthwhile enterprise.

A few more days and I am off to California. I will attempt to blog about my experiences while I am there whenever I get an opportunity to plug in. I appreciate all of you for hanging in there as things will settle down soon and my blogs will be much more regular and hopefully informative about technology and my everyday experiences.

At the present time there is a large line of thunderstorms headed this way from Tennessee so I better turn this machine off and hunker down for the next few hours as it could get pretty active around here soon.

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