Well the OLPC [One Laptop Per Child] foundation will be going up against corporate America now that Intel has announced a new agreement with Asustek better known as the makers of Asus products. The joint venture is to produce a laptop computer for sale to  countries  that are  on the lower economic scale in the world. However, this new joint venture will target consumers and not governments as is the case with the OLPC computers.

In previous articles I have criticized Intel for appearing to try and side step what the OLPC was trying to accomplish. I personally believe that the OLPC foundation is a worthy cause and I hated to see any large corporation trying to compete against this project. But now that Intel has announced a different plan for sale to consumers only, it would appear that they have changed directions from their original plans.

Since the OLPC foundation main goal is to bring inexpensive computer systems to the world masses by having governments purchase the units, and not consumers who most likely could not afford them, this project hopefully will be able to start distributing systems in October of this year.

I personally believe that Intel is making a wise decision to target consumers and I personally applaud their decision to sell their systems to consumers and leave OLPC to sell their systems to world governments. I also hope that this will allow those who can not afford a computer the opportunity to have one free of charge.

So what do you think? Do you believe that Intel has made the right decision or will the sale of their inexpensive laptops still interfer with the goals of OLPC?

Comments welcome.

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