Does anyone remember the SCO group and its CEO Darl McBride? You may recall that this is the company that first started the Linux violates every patent in the world con that was being financed by the folks up in Redmond, WA., [Microsoft], and sued the world. OK. Maybe not the entire world, but close to it.

The original lawsuits involved both Novell and IBM which SCO claims violated their intellectual property rights of the Unix code, which SCO states they own completely. They are asking for Billions in restitution from both companies, with the first trial against Novell starting sometime in November of this year. There is no word when the IBM trial is scheduled to take place.

The one good thing about this mess is that neither Novell nor IBM appear to be backing down. If anything both companies seem to be taking a hard stand against SCO and will take this issue to trial. It also seems that SCO is on shaky ground since they have not been able to submit to the courts any validation that their ownership of the Unix code has been violated by either company. SCO has also attempted to sell licenses to companies stating that if a license was purchased from SCO they would not be sued. This con also has failed to generate any takers and has been a dismal failure.

Does any of this sound familiar to us? It does to me since it appears to be exactly the same tom-tom drum sounds that Microsoft is making when it alleged that Linux violates 235 of their patents. Lets face it. Not everyone has stolen code or if they have, it may be as the SU Supreme Court has noted. If it is obvious then it can’t be a valid patent.

Which also brings up where Microsoft and other software manufactures may face similar lawsuits. It would seem to the layman that all software, no matter who makes it, may violates some other code that may have been patented. But just because a patent was issued may not make it 100% valid and beyond a doubt that it was not obvious in the first place.

The next few years should be interesting as we sit and watch how all of this plays out and who the winners might be. Or, who the losers might be.

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