The new Firefox 3.0 from Mozilla is being to geared to change some features such as performance, stability and security. Many of us have complained in the past that Firefox 2 has been a cpu and/or memory hog and consumes valuable resources when multiple tabs are open. Though readers have come up with various methods to try and solve this, my system continues to consume resources and sometimes tops at at 150MB or more.

In his blog Alex Faaborg describes some of the features that that Mozilla may be including in the new browser which he describes as:

In case you are wondering how Mozilla decides on which features to include in Firefox, we believe in “Delivering the right set of features – not too many or too few. (The goal is to create a useful browser, not a minimal browser.)” We are only interested in adding features that are universally useful, and have no impact on performance. For previous releases of Firefox we added features like RSS detection, spell checking and session restore. Here are some of the user facing features we are considering for Firefox 3.

One of the new features that may be included in Firefox 3 is its ability to block out sites that may contain malicious content:

Similar to how Firefox 2 blocks Web sites that are potentially going to try to steal your personal information, Firefox 3 will block Web sites that we believe are going to try to install malicious programs on your computer. Mozilla is coordinating with Google on this feature.

There are some who are saying that this feature may be counter productive since it will be Google who decides which web sites will be blocked. Interesting. IMO who better than Google to block sites? Google would have the knowledge and expertise to provide information on rouge sites and stop them in their tracks. Google handles more traffic than any other search engine and most likely has more information in their data base to identify the bad guys.

What do you think? Is Google a wise choice for Firefox?

The complete article can be read here.

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