I apologize for not writing in a long time, but my son’s end of school year activities were just running me ragged. I was lucky to have time to clean the house, cook meals, and still get any work done during the day. To top it all off I was foolish enough to try and “fix” my pastor’s home computer. In that case after spending a day on trying to recover the hard drive i just replaced the driver with an old 120 GB IDE drive. That’s how old the system is! Since all he does is word processing and some PowerPoint creation for the church’s overheads, he insisted that was all he needed.

Today’s entry is an Open Source console application that can be used to find bad pixels on any LCD screen that is controllable by a Windows VGA graphics card. The application is located here.

Now here is where it gets really nice. This is a command line application and you can put the app on a USB flash drive, and take it with you to a store of your choosing, and you can run this app without installation right then and there. No more taking home LCDs that have bad pixels. Of course if the personnel at the store were smart they also would use this little gem to test each and every LCD when it came in the store and reject the screens that a customer would reject anyway.

Remember, each time you go out to buy an LCD screen that each manufacturer has an acceptable”bad pixel” count, and Samsung will even send out screens that have bad pixels up to 2 x 2! How annoying is that?

This app will prevent you from taking home one of these annoying situations after paying $300 – $800 for some sizes!

This application is here. The Windows Exe actually can be downloaded from this page.

Give these guys a big thank you when you find a bad LCD you could have taken home.

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