Ever since Apple decided to dump Big Blue processing power in favor of Intel, one of the interesting parts of this entire scenario is the ability to run Windows on a MAC. Not being a MAC user myself, I have no knowledge of how this should work but some of the readers had mentioned Parallels to handle the task. So I took a look-see at the software which seems to be reasonable priced. On the Paralells site they claim that:

Parallels Desktop for Mac enables you to run Windows, Linux, and more side-by-side with Mac OS X on any Intel-powered Mac, without rebooting. With Parallels’ award winning virtualization technology, you can run Mac OS X and your favorite Windows applications at the same time. You can even drag-and-drop files between desktops!

They also state:

With the latest version of Parallels, you can:

  • Use Windows and Mac OS X at the same time…without rebooting
  • Run Windows programs like native Mac applications with Parallels Coherence
  • New! Open Windows files with Mac programs and Mac files in Windows programs with Parallels SmartSelect
  • Share files and folders between Windows and Mac OS X
  • New! Browse through Windows folders and access files without launching Windows with Parallels Explorer
  • New! Run today’s most popular PC games on a Mac with support for 3D graphics
  • Achieve maximum performance by leveraging Intel® Virtualization Technology
  • New! Protect your Windows with Parallels Snapshots
  • Migrate your entire existing PC to your Mac with Parallels Transporter

What I find interesting about this is that some people are saying that you could actually run Windows XP on the MAC by transferring your license over. This would be very interesting if true. Plus being able to run Windows and associated software from the MAC without a reboot, sounds like a great idea as well.

More information on Parallels can be found here.

So my question to you MAC users is this. Has anyone tried this software? If so what have your results been? How does it function?

Comments are welcome. I would appreciate your valuable input.

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