Gnomie Zsolt writes:

Hey, Chris. My name is Zsolt and I’m from Montreal – moved here from Europe recently. I’ve been watching lots of your videos lately and they are really helpful. Keep up the good work. So here’s my question: I will be buying a new computer in the following week; it’s probably going to be an HP 2.6 ghz AMD 5200(?) dual core with 2gb RAM. Obviously it comes with Vista, but it has an Nvidia card… not a very good combination.

I am going to ask the people at the store (Best Buy) to install an ATI Radeon X1650 video card (I read that its very good for Vista and the very game given as an example on ATI’s site is Oblivion, which is at the moment the most demanding game I want to play, graphics-wise.

Now here are my two questions:

  1. How exactly will this second video card work? How can my computer know which to use? For example, when I turn on a game (Oblivion), how can I tell which video card my PC is using?
  2. When it comes to PC gaming, which version of Vista is better: 32 bit or 64? I am more interested in game play performance, not visuals (why have everything looking perfect if you lag?)

I am a noob when it comes to more detailed information on PCs, I only know basic things, so please forgive me if my questions are, well, dumb.

I am looking forward to your answers!

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