If you are using Excel 2007, you can easily assign color to the sheet tabs in your spreadsheet. This may be useful in grouping sheets that are similar in function. For example, you may choose to have certain tab sheets that are related to be displayed in green.

First of all what you have to do is select your tab sheet. If you only want to select a single tab, simply click it. If you want to select two tabs that are adjacent to each other, click the first tab, then click the second tab while holding down the shift key. You can also select two non-adjacent tabs by selecting one tab, then selecting another tab while holding down the CTRL key. Finally, you can select all tabs by right clicking an individual tab and clicking the Select All Tabs option.

Once you have the necessary tabs selected, you can assign a specific color. To do so, click Format, point to Sheet, and click Tab Color. Select the color you want to assign to the tab or tabs and click OK.

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