Harry Maugans of Desktop Nexus writes:

Hey Chris,

My name is Harry Maugans and I’m one of the founders of an unusual, fresh, new tech startup company that just publicly launched recently, after well over a year in development. It’s called Desktop Nexus and I honestly believe it will be the next Flickr or YouTube. I’d appreciate a few minutes of your time to explain.

There should be an image here!There are an estimated one billion people with Internet accessible computers in this world, and every single one of them has a desktop wallpaper. Granted a large percent of them will never change it from the default pictures or solid colors… however, there are still hundreds of millions of people every year who will go on a quest to find new, interesting backgrounds. From that exorbitant demand, it’s shocking that no household brand name has emerged as the industry leader in supplying desktop wallpapers. If someone wants to buy a book or CD, they go to Amazon. If someone wants to reserve a plane ticket, they go to Travelocity or Expedia. However, if someone wants to find a new background, where can they turn? Google Image Search… sifting through thousands of low quality and odd-sized images? There are very few options. We aim to serve this need and become a household name for wallpapers.

Now, why Desktop Nexus? Right now I feel comfortable in saying that DesktopNexus.com is the most technologically advanced wallpaper gallery in the entire world ever made. We are revolutionary, doing things no one has ever done before. One of the biggest problems a wallpaper site faces is meeting the demand of so many different screen sizes (especially widescreen laptops). We’ve tackled this problem with very advanced programming to automatically resize and remaster each wallpaper on the fly, creating a perfect fit for any screen size using any image on the site. We’ve built an entire community around sharing wallpapers and encouraging users to submit their own. After wallpapers are uploaded, they go through a public voting process where the community decides which wallpapers are worthy of being added to the galleries. Tagging and RSS add a splash of Web 2.0 that helps connect wallpapers and allows users to more efficiently find the exact images they’re looking for. I could go on and on with what makes us revolutionary in this industry, but I’d probably bore you to death. For some additional information and more highlights of some of the unique features of our site, check out this and this.

Desktop Nexus has endless potential, and is in its very early stages. When people hear we spent a year developing a wallpaper site, they sometimes don’t pay it a second thought. However, there are those who do see the potential in Desktop Nexus, and as such, we’ve already had three or four buyout offers (which we declined without a second thought), including one upper five-digit offer. If you’re looking for some fresh news of a small startup, running coverage at this stage would prove very interesting for your tech-savvy readers, and we’d obviously appreciate the PR.

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