Oh Napa Valley. One of the garden spots of California has something new to worry about. It seems that as the vineyards continue to take on both popularity and prestige, there is now appearing a new criminal element that is counterfeiting wine labels. Seems that the bad guys will fill up the vino bottles with some el cheapo fresh grapes off the vine and slap on a label bearing a fine vintners name and year to boost profits. So that fine bottle of $50 Chardonnay may turn out to be nothing more that what just came out of a $10.00 box of the cheap stuff.

So the vintners of Napa Valley are seeking the help of technology to try to stem the tide of counterfeiters and keep their image untarnished by these fools. Some of the what they are trying is:

  • Including invisible images on their label designs.
  • Tamper proof seals on wine bottles.
  • RFID chips placed inside of corking materials.

Kodak is also introducing invisible ink markings that can only be viewed using one of their new laser readers that are being developed.

So there you have it. Even wine is coming under attack and you thought it was just poor old Microsoft who is a victim. 🙂

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