Will Linux ever take off in the mainstream like Windows or OS X has?

Linux is an Open Source operating system, which means that the entire community can contribute to it. That makes Linux very powerful, but it also makes Linux very marketing unfriendly: it has taken the Linux community years to produce something that is even remotely user friendly.

Ubuntu, at this point, has the best chance of taking off in the desktop marketplace. But, before that is ever going to happen, the community needs to stop in-fighting over what the best applications are (Gnome vs KDE) before the average user should ever consider using Linux.

Even Chris doesn’t have a dedicated Linux machine, as he either uses a Live CD version of Linux or goes through a virtual machine. As a primary operating system, Chris thinks there’s too much elitism within the individual communities: answers tend to be human unfriendly, often ending as “RTFM.”

Ubuntu has the mindshare and the support, so it has the potential, but Linux probably won’t take off until the need for an operating system is further minimized.

What do you think? Will Linux ever take over the desktop world?

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