Back in 1939 when the classic movie Casablanca was released, and before the Internet was even a daily word, the world was already getting to be a smaller place. One of the lines spoked by Humphrey Bogart was something like ‘of all the gin joints, in all the world, she has to come to mine.’ Today with the advent of the Internet this little mud ball we call planet Earth continues to shrink in size. So when I see posting comments here or other areas of the Internet using ‘anonymous’ I always wonder why? What is the purpose of doing that?

I am not saying to post your full name, home address, phone number or other personal information on the Internet for all to see, but to seek a moniker or nickname that identifies you. In the forums or other areas where I post comments, I always try and use one name as my sign in name and to identify myself to others. I also note that others do the same whether they use their real name or nickname, they are readily identifiable no matter where they go on the Internet. Last week I posted A story of one mans adventure using Linux that had been written on one of the forums by V.T. Eric Layton. Eric latter stopped by and posted a comment. How did he find my article among millions of others? Think about that for a minute as I explain further.

This next part is mainly directed at those of you who are trying to be Beta testers, or seeking recognition, or trying to share your expertise and become noted on the Internet. You would be amazed at how many people and companies watch the Internet for comments about their products and services. In my posting of several articles about Dell computers, Dell representative actually stopped by to post their comments. Or as in the case of V.T. Eric Layton, he was able to locate my article.

My point is this. If you wish to establish a presence on the Internet sit down and develop a name that you use when either posting comments in forums, posting comments in blogs or where ever you choose to post anything on the Internet. I recognize other people on the Internet by either their names, nicknames or monikers. If I note this information you can be assured that others do as well.

So instead of hiding behind the word ‘anonymous’ get yourself known. Try this. Do a Google search for your name. If nothing comes up than you are already anonymous and it might be time for a change. 🙂
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