Yesterday I had posted an article from The Consumerist in which it was described by a ex-Dell employee, tactics to use in order to get the best deal from Dell. [Here.] I had also noted at the time, that the legal eagles at Dell had sent a nice but somewhat threatening email to The Consumerist, asking that this information be with drawn from the web site. The people at The Consumerist kindly refused. Dell than changed their minds and issued a apology.

I know when I first read the threats from Dell, I found the tactic heavy handed. I also had to decide whether I wanted  to get caught in the middle of this mess by even posting anything about it. But I personally agreed with The Consumerist that what they had posted was basically general knowledge that could be gleaned on any of the forums located on the Net. Dell has changed their minds and also issued an apology. They also included their own 23 confessions on how to secure the best deal as well.

On the Dell site they state:

Now’s not the time to mince words, so let me just say it… we blew it.

I’m referring to a recent blog post from an ex-Dell kiosk employee that received more attention after the Consumerist blogged about it, and even more still after we asked them to remove it.

In this case, I agree with what Jeff Jarvis had to say: instead of trying to control information that was made public, we should have simply corrected anything that was inaccurate. We didn’t do that, and now we’re paying for it.

I believe in the customer voice—that’s why I signed up for this job in the first place. There’s simply no cheating the system. When we’re on the right track, folks tend to say some good things about us (or at least give us a second chance). When we mess up, they let us know quickly and vocally.  Then everyone watches our reaction like a hawk.

Now, if you’ll allow me to shift gears just a bit, here’s our own 22 23 Confessions list:

1)    Ok, we goofed.   We shouldn’t have sent a notice.  To my earlier point, we appreciate the reminder from the community.  Point taken. Yesterday, we also responded to a related IdeaStorm  idea from user jmxz. To see more, take a look for comments from our own dell_admin1 and my good pal richard_b.

2)    An easy way to scope out deals  is to go to the Home and Home Office section of and click “As Advertised.”  In other words, click here. You can see what we’re currently offering and then chat live with a rep if you like.

The entire list of what Dell has to say can be viewed here.

I believe that Dell is listening once again to public input. The decision to take a more tactful position on what was posted adds to their credibility. I applaud their change of direction and posting for the world to see their apology and list of recommendations.

Comments welcome.
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