Ponzi loves her iPod and iTunes integration, but she also hates both the iPod and iTunes.

The iPod is a beautiful, sleek mp3 player. It’s simple, easy, and fun to use. The problem, though, is that the iPod gets scratched, and then it becomes an eyesore. Since it does get scratched you should keep the iPod in a protective case, but most cases are a pain to use all the time, don’t dock easily, and generally don’t look as good as the iPod itself.

On the software end, iTunes is easy to use and listen to music, and it has some great iPod integration. Of course, the problem is DRM: you can’t use the media you’ve purchased in a way you want to. You’re limited to using the songs on your iPod or within iTunes, but beyond that you can’t simply play it on a generic MP3 player.

What MP3 player and music service do you use?

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