As an artist or designer, your portfolio is one of the most important (if not the most important) asset that you have. References can be important, but your work speaks for itself, and if you’re good at what you do, then that’s oftentimes good enough. A few of the artists and graphic designers that I’ve come across keep all of their work in a three-ring binder that they can whip out whenever the need arises, but in all honesty, if your portfolio isn’t online, then it might as well not exist. With Carbonmade, taking your print creations to the Web is easy enough, and the benefits of doing this are obvious.

Worries about difficulty and cost don’t apply here because the service provides a free version that doesn’t require you to know HTML or have any other coding skills. Carbonmade really is all about your work, and you can include images, flash, and video to help fully document what you’ve done. The portfolios are customizable and look great, which means that you won’t have to fret about the service making your work look bad. If anything, Carbonmade will help to enhance it.

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