There is not a day that goes by when someone, somewhere is not pounding the keys on their computer and telling us why the operating system they are using is the best and why yours sucks. I have read more one-sided, jaded nonsense by so called experts over the years that I sometimes wonder what the writers’ real agenda is. It also makes one wonder how many poor souls read this dribble and take it as being 100% fact?

I must admit that my experience with Apple is somewhat limited. My first exposure to an Apple system was in the year 2000. At the time I owned a PC repair business and received a call from a woman who needed her computer set up. She informed me she had a printer, scanner, digital camera and a fax machine + the computer system itself. I than asked what brand of PC she owned and she said Apple. Oops! I didn’t do Apples. Long story short, she begged for my assistance since she couldn’t find anyone in the area that did Apples and she needed her system to telecommute. I think she mentioned something about a ‘ life or death situation’ as well. 🙂 I agreed and before going to her home, contacted a friend who owned an Apple system, and he walked me through the steps on how to proceed. I was amazed. This was a brand new Apple system still in its original cartons which she stated she had paid $4500 for. (The thought did pass my mind that I could have bought 3 PCs for that amount). It took me four hours to unpack, set up, and configure everything she needed. But what was really amazing is that the setup was flawless. It was truly plug-n-play.

I recall thinking to myself how lucky I was that most everyone used PCs, because if it was this easy to set systems up, I’d be out of business. One must remember that plug-n-play was basically a term used by Microsoft at the time, to try and convince the masses that it actually worked. About one-half of my service calls involved installing a printer or scanner which the client tried to do but failed at. Oh, can’t forget the modems also since most people were still on dialup. I was happy for the business since I had a daughter attending Santa Clara University and the tuition at the time was about the same as buying a small house in California.

So over the years I had a few other Apple experiences, which were also fairly easy to solve. I dabbled in the black art of Linux and continued using my Windows boxes with a variety of different versions, minus ME. I won’t say ME sucked, but it left much to be desired and it was challenging.

So what is the best operating system? Can one really compare which are best? IMO you can’t. They are all different, offer different pros and cons, and fill different needs for different people. I personally believe that the best operating system is the one that you like and use and that meets your needs. That is the bottom line.

Opinions from anyone about anything need to be viewed with an open mind. I once recalled reading a review about a specific automobile in which the reviewer indicated that the ride of the vehicle was ‘harsh.’ Upon reading the review further the car was tested on the Nimitz freeway near Oakland, which at the time had so many potholes that everyone was complaining. In fact one radio station in the Bay Area had a weekly drawing and was giving away a free set of shock absorbers to those who commuted on the Nimitz. Those not familiar with the condition of the freeway were not given the true facts and thus the review was flawed.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

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