I’m not musically inclined, or I would have wrote “United Breaks it’s Customers” instead of “United Breaks Guitars” and posted it on YouTube by Dave Carroll. My story goes back a little bit farther. Here’s an excerpt from my recent customer survey I sent to UAL, which I titled ‘United Airlines Sucks’:

“You canceled my original return flight from New Orleans through LA to Portland (which I didn’t know until I got to the airport). You routed me through Denver instead, which was fine (so I thought). The problem is that the storms in New Orleans delayed departure 30 minutes or more, then storms in Denver delayed our arrival further and my hour layover disappeared and I ended up missing my flight to Portland (the last flight out) and slept on the floor in the DIA airport (because no hotels were available). While I’ve never spent the night in an airport before, the real problems started when I tried to get a new return flight to Portland. Three flights were overbooked the following day, and I ended up catching the second to last flight out, returning nearly 24 hours after my original itinerary.

While I can’t blame the weather on UAL, I do take exception to your common practice of overbooking flights. I’ve never seen so many people miss connections for one airline. I think there were over 100 people sleeping in the airport with me, all from UAL flights. The problem was compounded by all the stand-bys being added to already full or oversold flights… creating a growing waiting list of pissed off and bewildered passengers. In addition, had you not canceled so many flights (like my original LA itinerary) I would have made my connection and be safe and sound in bed instead of sleeping behind your ticket counter at DIA.

The solutions are simple: don’t overbook your flights so much, especially in bad weather airports and seasons and don’t cancel so many flights. My solution is easier: never fly United again, and tell all my friends not to do so either.

P.S. A good buddy of mine was with me from 2 to 8 p.m. because his plane didn’t have a pilot, so you had to fly one over from Chicago. Frightening.”

United Airlines Sucks

Thank you all for sharing your experiences in the comments section. I’m hoping United is listening, but I doubt it. For those that haven’t see it, United broke my guitar on Youtube is comedy.