Dell has been revamping its offerings of desktop and laptop systems, and has been making changes to both products, some of which are fantastic. Offering color notebooks, super slim models, and other features to their product line is a step in the right direction. In order to participate in some offerings the consumer must order the sale item online to receive the applicable sale pricing. With this in mind I went to the Dell site this morning to see if their web site has improved any since the one complaint has always been that the site is difficult to navigate.

I went to take a look at the inexpensive Inspiron desktop models currently being offered. On the first page here there were three offerings, a Inspiron slim Desktop, Inspiron Desktop, and A Built For You model which appears to be either the slim or standard model. I started with Inspiron Slim Desktops and clicked on the continue button. At the next page here, I was presented with 4 more options a featured, good, better, and best models. When you take a look at this page the featured model is a 530s and so is the best recommendation. To add to the confusion the good and better models are both 531s.

So I clicked on the Build Yours button for the Inspiron 510s Featured System. At the next page here I have four options as to the type of Dell care I want. Premium, Plus, Value or Standard. In order to find out what each plan offers there are detail buttons explaining the next options and what they cover. Oh it gets better. You know get to select options such as faster processor, ram, hard disk size, monitor size, software options and so forth, BUT by doing this you could actually come out with a more expensive system than if you choose the better or best system to begin with.

Confusing? You bet it is. This is the same thing that consumers have been asking is for Dell to streamline the buying process and eliminate the confusion. It seems that this has not been done as of yet. This was for for the Inspiron model only. There were a lot more models and configurations to deal with.

This is just my two cents. What do you think? Is Dell offering to many models and configurations that confuses the consumer or not?

Comments welcome.

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