Today, John writes:

Hello Matt:

I’ve also been to many-many IBM peripheral compatibility schools and “Nothing” prepared me for field repair ๐Ÿ™‚

Having said that; I’d like to run a question by you.

Issue= My Samsung Cingular Blackjack — (installed by me) MS active sync program doesn’t like my XP pro desktop, meaning — it has never connected via it’s USB to phone cable yet.

Annoying= because the only thing I have now is a expensive phone with MS mobile 5 on it.

Just bought this new Samsung SGH-i607 Blackjack May 21, 2007. I went though the CD Install of Outlook 2002 and then Active Sync 4.2 and it said all was successfully installed, I followed the on screen instructions (etc.) and all seemed well till I plugged the USB cable into phone and after much trying — it doesn’t connect. I went to MS mobile Sync home page and seen that they have a later version (4.5) so I downloaded it and installed it and the same thing — can’t connect. I look in control-pnl (while it’s plugged in) and network connections said it’s connected but it can’t be as nothing has happened yet.

I went though 3 removals- installs and it’s the same thing, as soon as I plug the USB cable into the phone —the tray applet starts trying to connect but it end up the same every time — can’t connect. I’ve also disconnected from the internet, closed down virus/firewall program — still same old nothing.
I also tried to install everything on another computer here thats running XP home and got the same thing — can’t connect.

Strange (in that) everything installs with success, network connections said it’s connected, I’m beginning to believe it’s the USB cable….. !!! But it’s brand new.

Do you have any ideas…??


Hi John, it’s been a bit since I have used ActiveSync for a variety of reasons, but I have to ask – have you considered Bluetooth? Once you get a handle on verifying that the COM ports match both for the Bluetooth Windows client and ActiveSync, it is actually pretty simple to pair your Bluetooth dongle and ActiveSync. Just remember – triple check that the selected COM ports match.

Another option that I happen to use is syncing with a MS Exchange server. Now for those of you thinking that there is no way in the world to make this happen, I would point you over to DSLExtreme. I have been using them for awhile now and they are awesome for Exchange hosting. Dirt cheap, no USB, Bluetooth syncing headaches at all – just follow the instructions they will provide to sync both your phone and Outlook and you are golden. Besides, they offer a 60-Day Trial and FREE Setup for goodness sakes. Did I mention the prices? You will want to have a domain of your own handy. Mine is, although it will provide a webpage to nowhere as it’s only used for Exchange hosting only. Am I offering Exchange hosting services myself under that domain? Haven’t decided yet, perhaps this is something Pirillo should look into? Becoming a reseller elsewhere is certainly easy to do.

Also, this is what I recommend for Linux users as Evolution provides fantastic Exchange support. Just avoid adding any other mail accounts to the client as it will hang the Exchange service often otherwise.

So to wrap this up: Use Bluetooth if you do not mind eating through the phone battery, try another cable while examining the COM ports being used to see if that is culprit. Or if you want to do this the simplest, most efficient way possible – go with an Exchange server. I honestly believe it is what Pocket PC type devices were designed for.

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