I watch the last episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip last night. This one should have been a keeper, but I guess enough of us didn’t feel that way. Studio 60 was the kind of show that should be on the air. Intelligent, funny, controversial, great acting, and realistic.

I watched every episode, and have most of them still on my DVR. How can you resist a show that tells it like it is and still keeps a straight face?

I will admit that some of my love for the show comes from the very theme of the show. I am a tech theater person from way back. My folks both volunteered on school shows for as long as I can remember. I love any show that realistically shows what the backstage of a TV or theater production looks like. I know how much work goes into putting together a show, and I like seeing the people who do the work do it well.

Another thing I loved about Studio 60 is the passion the actors had for the content being presented. They all showed that they knew what they were doing and that they knew you would understand what was being said. They didn’t talk down to me. They used language that I would use. The expressed opinions that I could see my circle of friends expressing and discussing. They dared to show both sides of many issues. In today’s world, that is rare.

The acting was as well done as any other part of the show. Great people put their careers on the line to do this show. I just wish they had been given a longer time to build a following. It isn’t a show that you would necessarily pick up from reading it in the TV paper, unless you knew the actors from other works. Once you did start watching, you were hooked. Good solid acting in a good solid drama can do that – given a chance.

If you didn’t watch the last episode, watch it. It ranks in my top 10 “last episodes” list. The freedom shown in the last few episodes leads me to believe that the cast and crew knew they weren’t coming back when they filmed. The last episode confirms that belief for me: Stories were wrapped up. Happy endings (or at least real endings) happened. A brother survived, a baby was named, a couple united, another reunited, and hope was restored. All in all, a great episode. A fitting ending to a show that will stay long in memory.

Wonder if it is too late to wish someone else would pick it up?

Some of the fans of the show put together an ad for the Hollywood Reporter. You can read about the ad and see it in the Studio 60 Message Board. If you go check it out, be sure to read the text carefully‚Ķ There is some great commentary in it. You can learn more about how the ad came to be and how you can help Tipitina’s here.

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