It seems that Microsoft in the next few weeks is going to allow its OEM partners a more liberal and easier method of allowing customers the ability to downgrade their Vista machines to XP.  Previous to this announcement it was difficult and cumbersome to follow the process which required each machine to be registered with Microsoft separately. The new policy will incorporate a online procedure allowing that groups of computers can be registered.

Though Microsoft contends that Vista is selling well, that support calls has been reduced compared to XP, and that device compatibility is increasing everyday, it makes one wonder why the shift in policy. Or maybe a better way to look at this is why is Microsoft even doing this in the first place? They could just tell the OEMs it is Vista only. No more XP. I would seriously doubt that any of the companies would go against this policy knowing their licenses could be revoked in a heart beat.  Or are we starting to see a gentler and kinder Microsoft who  is concerned with the needs of the consumer?

Though Microsoft is not saying why they are going with a major shift in their policy of downgrading, it just struck me as odd when I first read about this. This is almost as strange as Microsoft saying that anyone can buy a copy of Vista System Builder and use it.

The last time I recall a major downgrade is when people were dumping ME and going back to 98. 🙂

So what do you think Microsotf’s reasoning is in this shift in policy?  Or is it a shift in policy?

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