Lately I have really been pounding the pavement for some cleverly thought out methods for protecting your email address when embedding it into a webpage. The most common methods to date, include “name (at)” or simply creating a GIF image of the address itself, are fast becoming less than effective.

Then I happened upon something called reCAPTCHA, designed with the CAPTCHA technology that we have all come to know and love whenever we go to comment on and elsewhere around the ‘Net. But what about using this kind of technology to post make it much more difficult to harvest your email address through various scripts and robots? Using Mailhide from reCAPTCHA, the person wishing to contact you has to be able to follow a set number of set actions in order to actually gain access to your email information. Is the Mailhide method simply too much though? You tell me:

Does this seem intuitive to you? Yeah, I did not think so either. But to be fair, I did find that once you clue into the fact that the hyperlinked “…” must be clicked onto in order to gain access to the actual email info, the process is not all that bad.

That said, I still believe that simply opening up an extra Gmail account, setting up mail forwarding on it to your real addy, provides for a more effective solution. But that is just my thinking…

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