Let’s start with one of the subjects that I said I was good at- CAD (Computer Aided Design). I’ve been a CAD manager now since about 1990. I’ve used AutoCAD for most of those years. So my expertise (such as it is) lies with AutoCAD products. Most CAD managers will say that their biggest pet peeve is actually trying to get end users to cooperate with the CAD standards. CAD standards are usually made up of a set of guidelines that the end users are supposed to adhere to. In the world of architecture, that means standards for layers, symbols, sheet borders and even which fonts are acceptable to use on drawings. There are many other categories.Most end users don’t feel they need someone else to tell them how to do their job. I can sympathize with both sides of that issue. I do however, feel that standards are for the overall best interests of the company. If nothing else, they give the drawings a consisitent look and that makes the whole company look more professional.

Aside from that, I have a few favorite websites that are helpful to anyone involved in CAD. Whether you’re a novice CAD user or a CAD manager, these sites are helpful. Drop me a line if you are a CAD user and give me your two cents. Maybe we can learn a few things from each other.