The iPhone is finally here after months of waiting, and reviews are pouring in. The overall consensus is that the iPhone delivers on a lot of its hype, and is worth the price tag. Whew! At least Apple dodged that bullet. However, there are still a few quirks with the first-generation of Apple’s wonder phone, but that’s to be expected. Any company, including Apple, knows it has to improve the iPhone now that it has seen user reaction to the first-generation product.

If there is something that really annoys you about the iPhone, such as its lack of a physical keyboard or its compatibility with AT&T EDGE network, then I would highly recommend you wait for the second-generation to show up. As is the case with Apple, the second-generation of iPhone should be here within the next year or so, and if the rumors are correct, then Apple is already working on a second-generation iPhone. What a bummer for people who stood in lines for hours only to realize their latest gadget is already obsolete!

Of course, some of the changes may never happen. For instance, I wouldn’t expect the iPhone to have a physical keyboard in its future releases, but hey, maybe that’s something that we might all have to get used to. After all, in addition to Apple, Nokia, LG and a slew of other companies are jumping on the touchscreen bandwagon, and it may not be long before Palm and RIM with their Treo and BlackBerry (I’m looking at you businesspeople) come with their own versions. This could be the future of smartphones for all we know, even for professionals on the go. With that said, early reviewers reported some issues with the keyboard initially, so it’s a good possibility that the second-generation of iPhone will be better at text input with a robust autocorrect feature. I wouldn’t underestimate Apple.

All in all, Apple’s iPhone has been amazingly successful, and it’s nice to see that our hopes weren’t destroyed even with the first-generation. It’s not too often you see companies deliver on their promise, but when it does happen, companies like Apple win our hearts.’s iPhone is on its way, please check back in the near future to get our opinion on Apple’s latest gadget. And those of you were lucky enough to get one on the launch date, enjoy it before the first set of problems begins to appear.

[Gundeep Hora]

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