Just in time to recognize and salute artistic independence, TalentDatabase.com introduces the creative industry’s new comprehensive talent search engine and artist directory. The free Web-based registry is similar to a global Yellow Pages designed to connect the creative class with enthusiasts around the world. The database takes the guesswork out of where to find top talent and industry contacts on the Web, and creates a searchable listing that allows users to sort through artists profiles spread across twenty diverse talent categories.

The database also serves as an industry news source that pre-filters headlines, editorials and announcements by genre and relevance, and creates automated newsfeeds that artists can monitor according to their interests. This feature allows users to stay on top of breaking news and ahead of the trends affecting the industry.

In an effort to create a non-biased system for ranking the popularity of artists and other talented individuals, database developers have designed a proprietary system analytic feature called POPfactorT, which ranks artist profiles using a formula based on community feedback and other responsive metrics. This ‘auto-generated popularity ranking system’ determines which artists deserve a higher position in search queries of the database. Artists can increase their exposure by uploading their portfolios and using the various networking and socialization features built into the site.

The database was founded by Orlando entrepreneurial artist Jimi Beach, 35, who built a strong reputation on his ability to turn artistic concepts into successful businesses.

“The TalentDatabase is designed for those who are serious about promoting their skills and ability. The intent was to develop a system that promotes the best talent on the Web, in the hope of inspiring more people to pursue full time careers in the creative industries. By staying ahead of the trends, reading newsfeeds, and networking with others in the database, creatives can increase their exposure.and through community acknowledgments, climb their way to the top of the lists where the world is awaiting”, states Beach. “The TalentDatabase is a new opportunity to promote the undiscovered talents of millions, and to encourage the world’s consumers to support the artists who deserve it the most.”

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