While none of her proposals are off the charts and she doesn’t vary much from the other Democratic candidates, we must remember that Bill Clinton set up America for 9/11 by not responding in an appropriate manner to foreign policy issues.

Another factor against her is that for the next four years our intelligence is sure to be challenged as Hillary cries “Bush did it” for any problems that she encounters. At least this seems likely since it has become the rallying cry any time somebody criticizes one of President George Bush’s decisions. An example is when Bush fired U.S. attorneys for political reasons rather than performance ones and everyone chose to ignore the fact that Bill Clinton had done the same thing.

Another blatant example is the commutation of Scooter Libby’s sentence for lying to prosecutors during a federal investigation that has evoked the response, “Look at what Clinton did.” Sadly, it is true that Clinton handed out pardons and made many dubious decisions but have we lost all ability as a nation to see a decision for what it is, and discuss its relative merits or flaws, without resorting to the “he did it first” mentality?

Given that Bush has made his share of mistakes, it will be virtually impossible to define any decision Clinton would make without “Bush did it first” being the cry of the Clinton defense. However, none of this really seems to matter in the heat of the political moment, which is why I would dread another Clinton presidency.

I would argue that instead of another president with a schoolyard mentality, be it bullying, or hiding his/her head in the sand, we need a president with moral fortitude like Colin Powell to heal the nation’s political rift. I’m not sure that Powell is the answer but it is important to the nation that we believe either party can produce a viable candidate that could unify the nation in the same manner as Ronald Reagan did during his presidency. Like Reagan, we need a charismatic leader who will not only be intelligent and honest but also one who will take responsibility for his/her own decisions without crying “he did it first.”

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