Sony announced recently that it was going to cut the prices on the Playstation 3 models by $100 while analysts also believe that Microsoft will be following with a price cut of their own on its Xbox 360. But are price cuts enough to compete against the lower priced Nintendo Wii? I personally don’t believe so and here’s why.

The Nintendo Wii is a great family-oriented console that offers more fun and interaction by the player[s]. Users are not limited to a gaming experience where there is no physical movement except by the players’ thumbs and wrist. The Wii offers a physical interaction with the gaming console that has proved steadily popular by those looking to purchase something that the whole family can be involved in.

But Nintendo has a problem of its own in that supply has not kept up with demand for the Wii. In previous articles I have posted there have been comments from some asking why Nintendo doesn’t produce more of its consoles. I did some research and found that Nintendo does not want to slap together consoles in a hurry just to sell more product, since it believes that quality could suffer. Unlike Microsoft, which didn’t do its homework and is now suffering the consequences of having to spend over $1 billion to fix its machines, I give credit to any company that puts quality first. Which is another reason the Wii rates two thumbs up in my book.

I am in the same boat as many of you. I have a grandson’s birthday coming up in September and grandpa wants to get him a Wii. So this Sunday AM I’ll be taking a reader’s suggestion and will be at our local Target store to hopefully make the purchase of a Wii console. Wish me luck!

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