To the majority of us, e-mail is something that happens immediately. When we want to check our messages, we do so and get immediate results, and when we send an e-mail, we expect it to race to the recipient as quickly as possible. Under normal circumstances, we don’t assume that a message sent now will be delivered sometime in the future, but when we plan to take advantage of this specific functionality, then it can become very useful. Check out l8r to experience how this works.

One of the most important uses for l8r that I can think of is to schedule reminders and automatically notify yourself or others via e-mail. In another situation, when special events are coming up, you can schedule an e-mail to go out right on time so that the recipient gets the message when they need it. In my opinion, this is almost better than most calendar and scheduling applications because my e-mail is something that I’m always connected to, and the quick, simple, and lightweight design of the service is all that I really need.

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