The Help and Support Center in Windows XP is useful for troubleshooting various problems and obtaining information about how to use the operating system. However, the Help and Support Center does far more than just this. You can use the Help and Support Center to quickly obtain information about the status of hardware and software on your computer. It will provide with status information about the following components:

  • Obsolete Application and Device Drivers
  • System Software
  • Hardware
  • Hard Disk
  • Random Access Memory (RAM)

To view status information using the Help and Support Center:

  1. Log on as the local administrator.
  2. Click Start and click Help and Support.
  3. Under the Pick a Task List, click Use Tools to view your computer information and diagnose problems.
  4. Under the list of Tools, click My Computer Information.
  5. In the Details pane, click View the status of my system hardware and software.

Windows XP will collect the required information then generate and display the status report.

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