During the past year I have been dealing with RE agents in selling and buying our own home, helping the daughter do the same, having, been looking for rental property and as of lte, helping my in-laws to sell their home and relocate to where we live. So there have been a number of real estate agents I have met in the process who surprisinly enough do not have their own Web sites, which I personally found strange.

So I did a Google and found an article from Forbes that was enlightening. According to the NAR [National Association of Realtors] approximately 35% of agents do not have a personal Web site. The article also went on to state:

Roughly four out of five people looking for a house now use the Internet to do their research, and almost 60% view a property online before ever contacting a broker.

I have to agree with the above statement. When my wife and I were considering relocating to another state, the first place we hit was the Internet. No only were we able to decide which town we wanted to live in, but we were also able to view what homes were being sold for and how much bang you got for your buck. During our search my wife stumbled about a Web site in which the RE agent had taken the time to present what she was selling, but also other listings that were available in the area from other companies as well. This agent worked for a large firm that employed some 250 agents. But it was her Web site that sold us on using her.

During subsequent emails back and forth, the agent was able to provide us with a listing of homes that met our needs. Once our home sold, we flew back to meet with her already armed with a list of homes we wanted to see. We found the home we wanted, bought it, all within 72 hours.

The bottom line was that had she not had a Web presence, we never would have known she existed. I also liked the statement in the Forbes article that stated:

Yes, we know this is 2007. Still, there are a surprising number of brokers and agents who aren’t yet online.

Comments welcome.

Forbes article here.
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