War is a terrible stab of barbarism that arises at times in human history. Today, let’s rise above the atrocities of war and away from the painful shrieks of wounded buddies. Let’s lift ourselves above it all, up, up into the atmosphere.

In today’s game, Wings 1915, you don the tell-tale courageous hues of a World War One flying ace. You have been enlisted to fire deadly slugs into the Kaiser’s fly-by-wire contraptions who will try to do the same to you, if you let them. Your combat aircraft only carries so much ammo and fuel so don’t forget to keep an eye out for supplies magically floating in the sky.

Wings 1915 is a nice looking, easy to play side-scroller with the feel of a shooting gallery. The computer opponents aren’t very smart, and are easy to shoot down, although they get slightly more aggressive as the game progresses. But only slightly.

[via GameSpotter]

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