I have read several blogs the last few weeks citing that bloggers need to back up what they have to say. This is a good idea in theory, but in application, it is a pointless endeavor for the most part. Even if I were to go out, and back up what I have to say with tons of annotations and references, a little research will undermine whatever I have to say. I do mean *whatever* I have to say; it can all be refuted… period. Go ahead and pick a topic… then go out and read whatever is out there on the subject. You will find those who back up one side, and those who back up the opposing view. In the areas of religion, philosophy, history, archeology, science, etc., there are always arguments for anything you can come up with. It doesn’t matter that maybe one point is more grounded in reality than another, people merely search to justify and back up what they already believe. Another thing is *propaganda*. Most major corporations have what are called PR or *public relations* people, whose job it is to give the product, idea, or company a good name. These companies will often pay scientists and other so called experts to file a bogus finding, or back up whatever the company is already claiming.

There are governmental agencies that also have propaganda specialists, and you will find a lot of their Web sites out there to support opposing views. For example, the Web site Quackwatch has been connected to and received funding from the AMA, FTC, and FDA. Mr. Barrett, who runs Quackwatch focuses on *debunking* alternative and natural health care, being sure to always side with modern medical views. There is someone out there to debunk everything you know and believe, and finding THE TRUTH can be a real challenge. Every view out there has supporters, and supporters will write information to back up their claims. Reality, especially on the Internet, has become a subjective hodge podge of information geared toward every customer it serves. “Get your supporting information over here, we’ll make your point for you!”

Google’s search engine is based off a ranking system, whereby those with hard cash get listed first. So, if you are a typical American, and never search past the first or second page, you may encounter nothing but propaganda. Recently I did a search on the connection between Mormons and Masons. The second Google result was put out by the Mormon church itself, as a defense against its reputation of being Masonic based. You can be sure this was a paid for spot. So, the search engine you are using can also be slanting your views, inadvertently.

Everyone is telling you how to think, and most will just choose sides. Sides do not matter… it is the center, the core that matters. The answers lay in how you feel, and how well things are going for you. If it is a health issue, don’t believe what you are told, look into it yourself. Try different things. Does this work? Has it worked for my friends? My family? Are these people happy? Am I happy? What is the base motivation of the person telling me this information? Is it in their pocket books? Their true love and concern for us as people? What about the person or company themselves? Look beyond the surface, allow yourself to feel what is happening to you. It can be scary, and you may not really want to look. What would happen if you abandoned belief systems that were the core meaning of your life? Where would you go, and what would you do with yourself? What would even be the purpose of living, some will ask. The answers can only be found if you are brave enough to look with open eyes.

It is time we all face our roles as to WHY things are the way they are. How did we allow reality to get to the point it has reached, where communication has broken down into childish squabbles to prove WHO is right. Who gives a crap? Really! I would think that instead of arguing like children, everyone might look at what is happening with a logical mind, and not ask WHO is right… but WHAT IS RIGHT ACTION? Does it feel good inside? Does it make my life better? Experiment, be brave, and stop being afraid of living. If anything, the profound amount of data available today allows us to finally see clearly this is a faulty system. Let us all work together, and make solutions.

When you read what you read, decide for yourself how you feel. I was once told to take all that I learn, use what felt right, and put the rest on a shelf. It may come in handy in the future, and it would be a shame to throw away something potentially useful.

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