We all have our own personal lists that refer to things we like the most, things we hate the most, and so on. Without even realizing it, you constantly create lists in your mind as you go about your day. For example, if someone asks you what your favorite bands or movies are, you’d probably at least have a basic list formulated in your mind even if you’ve never specifically thought about your answers to questions such as these. WhatALi.st is a social list service that will enable you to share your lists with others and see how they respond to them.

All registered users can create new lists, and even if you’re just browsing a list created by another user, you can still add items to it and vote on the way in which the order of the items should be. WhatALi.st really isn’t about what one particular person thinks but instead reflects the view of the community as a whole. You may start a specific list with a certain viewpoint, but the direction in which it heads next is anybody’s guess.

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