Over at Haute Secure they claim that their new software product, currently in Beta testing stages, can stop malware dead in their tracks. So who are these guys and why did they develop their software:

We’re a team of security, internet and web experts with a near-obsessive desire to make the web safer for everybody. We come from recognized companies and government agencies such as Microsoft, Ebay, @stake, British Armed Forces and the United States Department of Defense.

In 2006, we realized that security software was no longer keeping our friends and family safe; the number of innocent victims of malware crimes was growing quickly and noone was offering any answers. We knew it was time to take a new approach. We believe that a solution based on the latest web technologies and the power of community can keep people safe from malware attacks. You should be free to travel the internet in safety – we want to keep you safe no matter where you go or what you do.

Their credentials look impressive. The software is claiming to do the following:

Stop Malware attacks in Real-time In today’s Internet, malware can lurk on even the most trusted and popular websites. We can keep you safe from attack, even if you’re the first person to stumble upon malware-laced content. How does this work? When the bad content attempts to load, our behavior-based profiling algorithms identify and intercept it in real-time, before it installs itself on your computer.

There are more FAQ’s on the site. A free download is also available. Remember. This is Beta software and still in testing.

More information here.

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