President of the number three global personal computer manufacturer Acer, Gianfranco Lanci, gave his opinions on the industry and its current state to Financial Times Deutschland a few days ago. In a move showing his total grasp of the obvious, and also his willingness to be identified with a position sure to cause trouble for his company later, the CEO stated the complete disappointment of the industry in the release of Vista by Microsoft.

Mr. Lanci gave instability and lack of maturity as the reasons why there has been so much trouble for consumers and businesses to adopt Vista. Strangely, some independent accounting shows the Acer output up during the period in question, so perhaps the Acer president was expecting much more.

The growth of sales of PCs has been up overall 8.7%, which is disappointing for all manufacturers, as much of this increase can be attributed to replacement of dying systems, not really economically feasible to repair.

It seems the company’s vice president, James Wong, was already complaining about what Microsoft was about to release back in October. The gentleman was very upset by the offering of what has become Vista Home Basic. Apparently he was among the first to be underwhelmed by the software.

Showing that the company also knows that no one else is ready to step up, the banners on the Acer Web site still reads “Acer recommends Windows Vista Home Premium for Personal Computing.”

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