I love forums; I visit a couple of forums every day, like Neowin, Thinkdigit, Programmers Heaven, etc. In addition, I am a lurker at many Usenet and Google groups!

Google Groups and Usenet Newsgroups are accessible from the desktop, if needed. I love to see the posts in a desktop application like a newsreader rather than in a browser. There are many reasons for this; speed and customization are the top priorities automation and plug-ins are some other. However, for Web forums there is no way other than XML feeds. IMO RSS feeds are not smart enough to be a medium for serving threaded discussions 🙁

Then, what can we do to get forum updates in our desktop; I have found a program that allows accessing forums from desktop a snap. You may think that this as another crap to eat your HDD space, RAM and CPU cycles, but read on if you want to discover more about this exciting little application.

What is Web Forum Reader?

Web Forum Reader is a tool to read Internet forums. You can add our favorite forums to Web Forum Reader to stay informed about updates forums without loading them in a browser.

Web Forum Reader saves time by showing new and updated topics while hiding topics already read. It will also reduce the amount of data you download, compared to regular reading using a browser.

Another advantage is you can add forums individually. Means there may be different categories in a message board like discussions regarding hardware, software troubleshooting, operating system specific help, etc. With this, I can just read the categories of my interest (Windows, Linux, Software Discussion, Science, etc.)

Do you use any other methods to keep tabs on your communities, or have something to share? Jump in and post the comments 🙂

[Download Web Forum Reader]

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