No one likes getting a speeding ticket and even a minor traffic infraction can skyrocket your insurance. If you play it smart you might be able to talk yourself out of one or even beat it, if it comes to court.

For starters watch this video for some of the most basic tips to beat a speeding ticket:

VideoJug: How To Talk Your Way Out Of A Ticket

Here’s some more tips to avoid a traffic ticket:

  • Say as little as possible. The less you say, the less that can be used against you.
  • But, be respectful. Call him, “Sir.” If it’s a women don’t make the mistake of calling her “Sir,” “Miss,” or “Ma’am.” Instead, address her as, “Officer,” or “Deputy” if it’s a Sheriff.
  • Don’t admit you did anything wrong. Cops love to ask, “Do you know why I pulled me over?” They do this so they can tell the judge you admitted that you knew you were speeding or went through a stop sign. Instead, play it dumb and simply say, “No officer, I’m not sure.” DON’T follow it up with a leading question like, “Was I speeding?” You don’t want to lie and say you weren’t speeding and you don’t want to ask if you were doing anything wrong. Remember to always say as little as possible.
  • Try not to be memorable. If he/she can’t remember much about you and what you said you maybe able to wiggle out of the ticket in court.
  • Don’t argue with the Officer. If you disagree with anything he/she says simply say, “No, Officer” or “I respectfully disagree Officer.” Once again, the less you say the better. Don’t try to make your point or argue it out now. If you’re in the right and the officer is in the wrong it can only land you in the back of his car. Instead remain silent and keep your defense to yourself for now; as a lawyer, or even, you can make a better defense in court later.
  • Don’t say you’ll see them in court! Don’t ask about court either. In many states cops aren’t paid to appear in traffic court to testify for minor infractions or speeding tickets. If you stayed quiet, were respectful, and didn’t antagonize the officer by lying or arguing they might not show up and the ticket will automatically be thrown out as you have the right to question your accuser.

Have you gotten out of tickets? Beat one in court? What happened and what did you do?

The contents of this post are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. I’m not a lawyer, so I do not give legal advice. If you should have any questions please consult a licensed attorney.

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