Act One, Act Two, Act Three

How you dress can be critically important to how seriously people take you on your stage. Costumes vary of course, depending on what image you are desiring to project. I have experimented with going out in public dressed in a variety of costumes, and it is just amazing how people will accept me as whatever I appear to be. In nature, the markings of an animal tell the other creatures what they are dealing with, whether friend or foe. This natural tendency is inherent in bipeds also, and can be exploited for your benefit.

The majority of us have more than one part we play in reality, and it is a good idea to have a variety of costumes to meet the needs of each. I have conservative costumes I use when looking for housing, applying for jobs, or dealing with any kind of governmental agency. If I want to get what I want, it is best in these situations to appear as acceptable by these people as possible.

Unfortunately, people will judge you greatly by the costume you wear, and it can determine the outcome of many events. For example if you go into a court room wearing the apparel of your local gang, the judge will probably not have much sympathy for you. He will see you as flaunting the very thing that you are on trial for…criminal activity. If you were to attend a Christian church dressed all in black, and sporting Satanic symbols, this probably would alienate the people around you. It is important to wear the costume that best suits the needs of where you are going in the moment.

If you are just out and about for the day, doing your own thing, wear what truly symbolizes you as a person. If you dress commonly in costumes that do not truly reflect you as a person, you will not attract the friends, or energy patterns you are looking for. For example, if you are really a wild and out there kind of person, but you dress conservatively, you are most likely only going to meet traditional/conservative kinds of people.

Dress with pride, regardless of how you dress. Make sure your clothes are clean, and pressed if needed. Really enjoy getting dressed; make a ritual of it. When leaving somewhere early the following day, leave your clothes out the night before. This will ensure you have chosen your clothing with a clear mind, and not in a rushed state to get out the door.

Color can have a large impact on how people view you;

Black: Draws people in. Can be intimidating for some people, but a real attention getter. Wear in situations where you want to emanate power. Base earthy energies, and receptivity.

White: This is also an attention getter, but opposite that of black. White indicates being mental, and projective. Uniforms are often white, and give people the impression of being in control. Avoid if you are too light in complexion.

Blue: Dark blues are power colors; light blues are soothing and comforting. Blue rules communication, and will enable you to engage in conversation more easily.

Red: Red is sensual, sexual, and physical in every way. It stimulates physical appetites/desires. Works well if you are selling something that can be sensually enjoyed in some way.

Yellow: Mental, cheery, and optimistic. This color is difficult for most people to wear, unless you are dark skinned. Nothing is more horrifying than yellow on a pale white person.

Purple: Spiritual/religious, visionary, and comfortable. Once again this color can only work with certain people, make sure it goes with your skin tone.

Green: Growth, opportunity, healing, and money. Wear a bit of green when dealing with business, and attract economic growth to your situation.

Orange: Creative, inventive, talkative, and very expressive. Orange is another one of those colors that looks better on darker skinned people.

So, after you have chosen your costume, and dressed in the colors of your choice, you may want to accessorize. Accessories can tell a lot about a person. Wear jewelry with symbols that represent you. Add color with scarves, belts, hand bags, etc. The quality of your attire is very important, avoid wearing cheap costumery that will only detract from your look.

If you are in need of new costumes, visit your local thrift store. I have found the most amazing costumes at used stores, and almost never find myself wearing what someone else already owns. If you are good at sewing, you can modify these costumes in a myriad of ways, to suit your individual taste. If you do not sew, you can hire a cottage industry seamstress/tailor at very reasonable prices, and have them customize the items for you. You can often find these people listed under the*creative* section of services offered at Craig’s List. The more personalized your wardrobe, the more attention you are sure to receive!

Most important…have fun with the way you dress! It is an art, and you are the canvas.

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