I have been working on computers for so long, that it is sometimes difficult to remember a time when I wasn’t doing some type of a build, repair or software install. I have also learned that when it comes to software, for some odd reason, there are usually some type of glitch that prevents ANY software from working correctly on a given machine. So knowing this in advance, when I experience a software issue, I don’t get very excited about it. So it was on Saturday morning when I fired up my machine.

My normal routine after boot is to check my email and then wonder over to the Lockergnome site to approve comments. This is where I first encountered a problem. The Lockergnome site would not come up. At first I thought it was the site itself, but after trying my wife’s system and also my gaming rig which both brought up the site just fine, I determined it was my system. Strange. All was well on Friday evening. But what the heck, stuff happens, so I did a routine maintenance, ran both virus and spyware checks just to be safe. All was well.

Back on the Internet to another try other sites. It was hit and miss. Some would not come up at all while others came up slowly. Since my other systems were working just fine, I knew that my cable modem and router were working OK, so I tried turning off my wireless on the lappy and did a hard wire connection. Same thing. Another browser, same thing. I also subscribe to the old school thinking, last program on, first program off.

Unfortunately the last program I put on was Comodo firewall. Off it went. Back on the Internet and all was well. Now, since I had reinstalled Comodo back on 7-18-07, I haven’t had a problem with it. Nothing all all. Zilch! I know, I know, I guess some will want me to trouble shoot and find out why it didn’t work. That’s not my job. There are too many other firewalls to use that are also are free. But I will say this. I like Comodo and I will give it another try when version 3.0 comes out. 🙂

Comments welcome.

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